Our Story


Welcome to Pete’s Auto Repair & Service LLC

Welcome to Pete’s Auto Repair & Service LLC. I’m Master Automobile Technician Peter Field and I formed this company in 2015. I’ve been in the automotive field since I was 14 years old, so I’ve heard and seen much that negatively characterizes automotive shops and technicians. Sadly, too many of us know someone who’s been taken advantage of or received poor service while getting automotive care. I formed my company with the intent purpose of replacing the negative stigma associated with auto technicians. I intend to break the mold by ensuring my customers leave Pete’s Auto Repair & Service fully satisfied.

How? At Pete’s Auto Repair & Service, we’re about HONESTY, QUALITY, and RELIABILITY. The best way to do business is by doing it honestly, providing high-quality services on a reliable timeframe, and at affordable prices. At Pete’s Auto Repair & Service, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible auto repair experience. We’ll help rebuild confidence in the automotive repair field one satisfied customer at a time, by repairing vehicles correctly, timely and honestly!